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How To Import Line Items From CSV

In "Lines" tab, choose the left plus button

Choose "Import from CSV..." from the context menu

Select a CSV file and choose "Open"

Setup the Mapping Table

The Mapping Table has 2 columns: CSV Value and Application Field .

1- CSV Value

This column lists all values of one row in a CSV file at a time.
Use the left and right buttons titled with arrows respectively to navigation through the CSV rows. Navigating through CSV rows is for convenience only.

2- Application Field

Use this column to actually map a CSV column to an object field.

Mandatory application fields are displayed in red.

If a CSV column is not relevant, choose the option Do not import . These columns will then be ignored.

Some application fields might be displayed in grey. This means, that field was mandatory but another application field that is already mapped make this not mandatory anymore. For instance, if you map the application field price , the fields gross price will not be mandatory anymore. This is also true vice versa.

Like in the above example, it is recommended not to map grey fields. Mapping both price, which is the net price, and gross price doesn't make sense since the net/gross price will be calculated using the Item Group field (if given).

3- Skip first row

Most CSV files start with a header row. In this case, select the option Skip first row to not import the first row.

Choose the Import button

The Import button will remain disabled until all mandatory fields, displayed in red, have been mapped to a proper CSV column.