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How To Print Document As Copy

This tutorial will show how to display an additional text on an already printed invoice.

Before doing this tutorial, please ensure that you have selected a layout .

Drag a text object to the layout

Place the text object where the additional text should appear.

Double click the text object to start editing

Layout Designer's toolbar contains several buttons to format your text. 

After you finish editing the text, please click elsewhere in the layout to end editing.

Right-click the text object and choose "Edit Script..."

Enter script to hide the graphic object and choose "Done"

graphic is the object we have right-clicked on. entry is the document which should be displayed by this layout. 

The following script will hide the graphic if the document has been printed before:

graphic.hidden = !entry.isPrinted

Instead of isPrinted you can also use isEmailed and isSent.

The text will now appear only on printed documents