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How To Define Payment Conditions

Payment conditions are designed to display different texts in layouts depending on different payment types.

For instance, payment requests for PayPal might be different from wire transfer methods. One might would like to enter bank details for a bank transfer method. On the other hand, this shouldn't be displayed for PayPal or eBay transactions.

You can also define specific due dates for payments. Those will be calculated by a given Condition in days.

Choose Settings->Payments

Choose payment type to add conditions

Choose a document type from the left list

You can define different texts for different document types and payment types. For instance, if there are 3 payment types and 5 document types defined, there will be 15 (3x5) different payment conditions.

Fill out condition text

It is allowed to use the offered placeholders in the texts. A document will resolve those placeholders in the final PDF document.

Discounts and cash discounts can not be applied with payment conditions.

Select a layout in the Layouts section

Select a layout to which you want to add condition text. This layout is usually assigned to the document type you have setup a condition text for in the previous steps.

Drag a text object to the layout

Place the text object where payment condition should appear.

Double-click the text object and choose the plus button

Choose placeholder Payment->ConditionText from the menu

Ensure document's payment type is set properly

The condition text should now appear in document preview