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How To Create a Document Type

A Document type determines the behaviour of a document. It is also used as a template for new documents.

TOTALS has two different document types: Standalone and Attachable .

Standalone document types enclose line items and, therefore, have a total price. Invoices, esitmates, purchase orders, etc. are standalone documents.

Attachable document types don't have line items and are attached to standalone documents. Reminders, envelopes, and all other documents that rely on or describe a specific document are attachable documents.

Choose "Settings" from the sidebar

Choose "Document Type" from the list

Choose the plus button in the top left corner

Choose "Standalone" or "Attachable" document type

Enter a label for the new document type

Choose a layout

TOTALS will assign the chosen layout automatically for new documents of the selected type.

Fill Subject/Lead/End Note

New documents will copy these values to their own subjects, headers and end notes.

Optional fields for standalone documents

When the selected document type is a standalone document type, additional fields will appear.

Balance Type

The balance type determines whether a document is debit, credit or neutral.

For instance, invoices are debit documents, credit notes are credit documents and estimates are neutral documents.

Depending on the balance type, totals prices will be either added or subtracted.

Payment Type

The preferred payment type for documents whose payment type option is set to default.

Overdue in days

Suggested number of days added to document's date.

This value will appear in the Finalize Window as the suggested value.


This stock option either increases or decreases the stock when a document is finalized.

If this option is set to "Do nothing", the stock count will not be affected.

This option is only relevant if one uses the inventory control.

Drag cost prices

When an item is dragged into a document in Lines tab, the cost price, instead of the unit price, will be used as line item price.

For instance, purchase orders might use cost prices.

This option is for convenience.

Show in Sidebar

If activated, the selected document type will appear in DOCUMENTS section.

This option is not available for attachable document types.