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How To Create Documents

Choose "Add Document" from toolbar

Choose "Create" in the next window

1- Select a document type
2- Select a client

You can also choose a project and a template . However, they are not relevant for this tutorial. Choose the help button in the bottom left corner for more information.

Choose the "Plus" button

Totals supports 6 different line item types. 
Choose "Insert New Item" to add a new line item with quantity and price.

Enter line item details

Repeat this step for each line item.

Drag items from the catalog (Optional)

Line items can also be created by dragging items from the right catalog to the invoice editing area.

Choose "Preview" to see the final document

Choose the popup list to change the layout (Optional)

Choose "Finalize" from the share button

Choose the "Send" button

1- Field for document#. The suggested number (grey) will be used if nothing else is given. 
We recommend not to enter values manually in this field. Instead setup a number format in Settings->Nr.Formatter.

2- For more details, choose the help button.