OS X 10.14 or later
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Get simply organized

Always keep your invoices and estimates at a glance. Never forget who owes you.

Easy to manage clients

Your clients are building up your business.

Powerful reports

Generate reports and statements in your own design which reflects your professionalism.

Send stylish invoices

In todays business image is everything. You can not miss it. Let Totals create elegant invoices for you.

Inventory on the fly

Keep track of your stock with zero effort.

Cloud ready

Synchronize Totals with Dropbox, Google Drive or whatever your favorite cloud is.*

Sample invoices

What is TOTALS?

TOTALS is a full-featured invoice application for SOHO or business users. It has been designed from scratch to use the power and beauty of the Mac OS, while making life as easy as possible for its users.

What is TOTALS not?

TOTALS is not a full featured complex merchandise software and a full featured bookkeeping software.

Who can use TOTALS?

Among photographers, art designers, web designers, consultants, teachers, musicians, e-commerce shops, doctors, programmers, freelancers, agencies and many other branches, TOTALS is ideal for everyone who wants to write invoices easily.

Key Features

  • Creating invoices (also recurring, discounts, sequential invoices)
  • User defined layouts
    • PDF Backdrops
    • Additional pages for Terms & Conditions
    • Add your own logo
    • Many dynamic fields
  • Tracking payments
    • Payments by invoices
    • Payments by clients
    • Account Statements
  • Reports (Payments, Documents, Built-in stock count)
  • PDF export and emailing (also with email templates)
  • Smart Folders
  • Write and track estimates
  • Reminder for overdue invoices
  • Flexible tax settings
  • Foreign currency support
  • Multiple businesses (multiple databases)
  • Inventory management
    • Different catalogs (also smart catalogs)
    • Colored items for better focusing
    • Inventory control by using the stock control
    • Import items from CSV files (also export)
  • Drag & drop invoice creations
  • Support for custom document types
  • Custom fields
  • Custom # (Number) Formatter
  • Client specific settings
    • Layouts
    • Term of payment
    • Salutation
  • Document processing (merge, convert, ...)
  • Automatic margin calculation
  • Cloud synchronization