Will you retire TOTALS?

Last year, we announced that TOTALS will be retired soon and will not get updates after spring 2020. We closed our online store but are still updating TOTALS for bugfixes.

We received so many feedbacks from users and realized that we are just in the beginning of our journey.

The alternatives to TOTALS are from “very limited” to “no alternative at all” depending on the use case and workflow how users are leveraging TOTALS.

Given that TOTALS is already around for more than 13 years (yeah it’s pretty stable), we’ve decided to first modernize the code base if we want to release a next major version.

We will keep you up to date with developments in the coming weeks with more details.

When can I buy TOTALS again?

The answer is closely dependent on the decision whether a new major version will ever hit the market or not.