TOTALS 3 Release Notes

"Good news everyone!"
- Hubert J. Farnsworth

It's been nearly 2 years in the making for this next big update: we are extremely excited to finally release the third version of TOTALS. Not only will this be a major update in every way, but it's also the first in a long line of updates, with plans to bring you loads of new, amazing features and enhancements.

TOTALS 3 adds support for different balance types (credit/debit), better payment handling (incoming/outgoing), quantities as multiplication (like 1 day x 8 hours), scripting layouts via Javascript, and a built-in, on-demand sync ability (no need for user actions to sync anymore). It boasts an all-improved layout designer that will dramatically improve usability.

Along with the new, long-expected features - as listed below - the UI has been completely revised to be much sexier, more intuitive, and less complicated. We think you'll really enjoy it.

New Features

  • Define your own credit and debit document types.
  • Separate taxable and non-taxable clients.
  • Enter quantities as multiplication like cm x cm = cm2.
  • Setup price rules for items to serve different client conditions automatically.
  • Attach external files to your documents, projects, clients, and inventory items.
  • Create smart folders with filters, to focus instantly on the relevant.
  • Maintain customer relations, now - better - by setting up smart folders for clients.
  • Generate descriptive reports: it's as easy as listing the content of smart folders.
  • Take full control of your payments by distinguishing between incoming and outgoing payments.
  • Code your own layout with Totals' new Javascript engine.
  • Merge multiple documents into one document.
  • Create templates for frequently used line item combinations.
  • Use placeholders in headers and footers also, now: make your workflow more dynamic.
  • Display specific payment condition texts based on the invoice's preferred payment type.
  • Customize line items by using custom fields.
  • Experience the overall improvements in the user interface.
  • Configure Totals more easily through the new settings view.
  • Link related documents with each other and follow up the history of your entries.
  • Browse through your records faster by using the new built-in navigation.
  • Calculate more precisely by controlling price rounding thresholds.
  • Design layouts in place without leaving the current context and opening the layout designer.
  • Handle down-payments and overdue payments easier in the improved client payments section.

Important Notes

TOTALS 3 does NOT modify TOTALS 2 files. You will have to import TOTALS 2 files to TOTALS 3. Your TOTALS 2 database will remain safe.

Spanish, Japanese and French translations will be available soon.

How do I upgrade to TOTALS 3?

To keep you on the cutting edge, we prepared a special upgrade path.

Users who purchased TOTALS 2 from our online store after 31th May, 2014 are eligible for a free upgrade. All other users can still enjoy the discounted price.

Enter you current serial number on the Upgrade Page and get either a discounted price or a free serial number.

Since Apple's AppStore does not offer an upgrade program, users who purchased TOTALS from the AppStore can not participate in this upgrade program. Instead, we will offer a discounted introduction price once it is available on the AppStore.

EDIT: AppStore users can now switch to our website version for free.

Thank you!


Please feel free to download and test Totals 3


Version 2 user?

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Mac OS X 10.12.6 and later