MacSnapper Basics

1. What is MacSnapper?

MacSnapper is a fantastic tool to create your tutorials, manuals, user guides an even some notes for your memory in a rapidly way. 

But it is not only for creating documentation. You can use MacSnapper everwhere, where you want to describe something in step by step.

by Kedisoft

2. Take your first screenshot

Take screenshots by clicking one of the three buttons.

1) Rectange: You can select a part of your desktop
2) Window: You can select a window
3) Desktop: Adds a snapshot of your desktop

3. The main window

4. Setting step title

Click the title text and enter your title

5. Resize screenshots

Use the slider at the bottom of the canvas to resize the image. When exporting a lesson, the  adjusted image size will be used.

6. Crop screenshots

Use the button at the bottom of the canvas to crop the displayed image. Once the button is activated hold down the mouse button on the image and move it to select the area to crop. Release the mouse button to perform the crop operation.

7. Adding shapes (rectangle, circle, etc.) to the canvas

Click one of the graphic tool buttons to select the desired shape. Then click and hold down  the mouse button on the image and start to drag the mouse to create the shape. Release the mouse button to finish.

8. Adding images to canvas

Drag and drop an image file to the canvas.

9. Setting Color and Fonts

To set the color of shapes and font of added texts, click the inspector button.
The changes on the inspector will affect all selected objects.