Create your own PDF template

In this tutorial you will learn how to create your own PDF template for MacSnapper.

There is also a reference template, called MacSnapper.cspdf, available to start with.

Starting with HTML templates

Creating PDF templates are very similar to creating HTML templates. Actually you will create a HTML template and give some information about paper format. Thats all.

Please read the tutorial about creating HTML templates before starting with PDF templates.

Anatomy of a PDF template bundle

A MacSnapper template is a bundle (folder) and contains 3 essential files, lesson.html, Info.plist and PrintInfo.plist.

A folder with the extention *.cspdf and containing the above 3 files is sufficient to call it a template bundle. Also there are a few other folders which you create within your template bundle as described in the tutorial about creating HTML templates.

The PrintInfo.plist file

PrintInfo.plist is an additional file in the template bundle and contains information about the printing behavior.

The property file must contain a dictionary. The possible key-value pairs contained in the dictionary are described in Apple's Documentation.

Example template bundle

MacSnapper.cspdf is a good starting point to design your own PDF template.


Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later

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