Lumina - Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQs relate to Lumina version 1

Is this iClockr?

Yes. This is iClockr. Due to a name collision I decided to rename the application. While no one ever wants to rename an application, in the long term I think it is for the best.

How can I backup my data?

Lumina stores your data in /Users/[you]/Library/Application Support/iClockr/ folder. To backup your data or to copy your data to another mac just copy this folder and you are done. Quit iClockr before you copy the folder.

Why don't my recorded times show up in Lumina?

It is currently common that many users do not realize the filter popup at the left bottom corner in the main window. This filter limits which time period of entries is displayed. Check to make sure your filter is not limiting the entries shown.