Appshelf 2 - Frequently Asked Questions

How does email scanning work

Create/add/import a new application/widget/etc. and select the new entry. Select the attachments tab. In select the right email with the associated serial number. Drag'n drop the email message to the attachments table in AppShelf. AppShelf can detect and fill serial numbers automatically.

How do I revert to 1.6 from 2.x?

AppShelf 2 will create a backup of your old database in /Users/[you]/Library/Application Support/AppShelf/Backup when you start it for the first time. Actually, AppShelf 2 will create a backup on each start up. The backup files are named with timestamps. The oldest file is your 1.6 database. Copy the oldest database file to /Users/[you]/Library/Application Support/AppShelf/AppShelf.db (or AppShelf.dbc for encrypted databases) to revert to 1.6 again. Quit AppShelf before making any changes on the file system.

You can still download version 1.

My AppShelf Serial number does not work

Please read How to enter AppShelf serial number

How can I backup my data?

AppShelf stores your data in /Users/[you]/Library/Application Support/AppShelf/ folder unless you define another place by holding the option key on startup. To backup your data or to copy your data to another mac just copy this folder and you are done. Quit AppShelf before you copy the folder.

Every time I open AppShelf I have to re-register the app, why?

AppShelf 2 accepts serial number of version 1 and 2. Entering a serial of version 1 will cause AppShelf 2 to run in trial mode. Please enter you NEW serial number which you will find in the esellerate order receipt.

Please check also if you have write access to /Users/[you]/Library/Preferences/com.kedisoft.AppShelf.plist.

How do I change the printing format?

Here is a hack:

Right-click on AppShelf Select Show Package Content Edit the file Contents/Resources/export.html

Backup your changes also in another place since this will be overridden during a version update.

Is there a way to sync the data in AppShelf between my Macs?

The best way is to store your database on a shared folder. Hold the option key on startup of AppShelf like with iPhoto, iTunes, etc. to choose a location for your database. The default place for your database is /Users/[you]/Library/Application Support/AppShelf.