Synchronize via Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Starting with version 2.2 Totals supports a new file format (.totalssyncdb) that is designed to make access from different computers possible. Place your database file to a synchronized cloud drive like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. and open the file on different computers by double clicking the file icon. Your changes will be applied on each computer right after your cloud drive has been synchronized.


We achieved the best result with Dropbox (we have no relations to the company). Though the rest of this documentation will mention only Dropbox, it also applies to other cloud drives like Google Drive, Mozy, etc., too.

If you want to access the same file from different computers it is important that you choose the option "Synchronized access" when you are asked to save your database file.

Creating a new sync database

Totals will start the database assistant if no recent database files were found, which applies at least for the very first time when you start Totals.

If you start from scratch and use the database assistant to create a new database or even your first database you can select the option "Synchronized access" when you are asked to save your database file. Save it to your Dropbox folder (or one of its subfolders).


To open the database assistant

  1. Choose File > Open Database Manager... from the menu bar.
  2. Choose the plus button the at the bottom left corner in the database manager window.

Moving an existing database to the cloud

If you have just updated to version 2.2 or later you probably have an existing database file that you want to save for multiple access.

  1. Choose File > Save as Sync Database... from the menu bar.
  2. Save the file to your Dropbox folder (or one of its subfolder). Leave the option "Synchronized access" selected.


Note that this steps will create a new database. You existing (local access only) database will not be deleted automatically. Though they will be display with different icons in the database manager, you might want to delete the old database file if you want to avoid any confusion.

How can I sync via iCloud?

iCloud is available only for apps sold in the App Store. Since we ship for both platforms, App Store and our own webstore, we didn't implement iCloud to Totals. Maybe in a later version.