Setting Incremented Number Formats

Each time you finalize a document Totals attempts to create a document number. The document number format can be set for each document type individually.

Totals supports numbering not only for documents. There are several other objects.

  • Clients/Suppliers
  • Projects
  • Items

To change a number format

  1. Open Preferences. Click the Preferences button in the toolbar.
    A new window sheet will open.
  2. Click Nr. Formatter in the sheet toolbar.
  3. Select an object type from the left table.
  4. Change the top most text field under the label Number Format:.
    Totals will set the format to counter(0001) by default.
  5. Drag blue placeholders from the Date Element) section to add date components to the number format.
    You can also add plain text directly to the text field
  6. Click the Done button when you're finished.

The counter placeholder

A counter placeholder will be replaced by the number displayed in the field left from the counter placeholder. The currently displayed number will be used in place of the placeholder for the next generated and formatted number. Totals will increment the number in the text field after creating a new number.