Setting Default Second Tax Rate

In some countries, like Canada and Australia, you need to setup a second tax. You can add a default tax rate so that you don't have to enter the second tax rate for each invoice individually.

To add a default second tax rate

  1. Open Preferences. Click the Preferences button in the toolbar.
    A new window sheet will open.
  2. Click Taxes & Units in the sheet toolbar.
  3. Activate the checkbox Apply second tax.
  4. Enter a name into the text field under the check box.
    The name will be displayed on the documents.
  5. Enter the tax rate into the text field next to the name field.
  6. Click Done to close the preferences window.

To set a second tax of an individual document

  1. Select a document.
  2. Select the Info tab.
  3. In section Taxes, activate the checkbox Apply second tax.
  4. Enter the tax value in percent to the text fields next to the checkbox.