Setting Custom Fields for Your Company

Totals supports two custom fields, Custom 1 and Custom 2, to use for any information you want to be displayed on the printed documents.

To set the custom fields

  1. Open Preferences. Click the Preferences button in the toolbar.
    A new window sheet will open.
  2. Click General in the sheet toolbar, if not already selected.
  3. Enter any text to the fields Custom 1 and Custom 2 and click Done when you're finished.

To add the custom fields to your layout

  1. Click Layouts in the main window toolbar.
    The layout designer will be opened.
  2. Drag a Text object from the Drag Items panel at the top-right panel to the document layout.
  3. Double click the text object to edit.
    The Token window will popup.
  4. Choose My Details from the top-right pop-up menu, if not already chosen.
  5. Drag and drop "CUSTOM1"/"CUSTOM2" to the editing text object.