Sequential Invoices, Required Payment Amount

Defining a charge value gives the ability to be specify what % of the total amount is required for payment.

To set a charge value

  1. Select a document.
  2. Go to the Info tab.
  3. In section Charge, change to value from 100% to the amount in percent which is required for the payment.

Calculation examples

Subtotal: $100
Additional costs (shipping): $5

--- Bill customers for a 25% deposit ---
Charge: 25%
Checkbox "Additional cost are required for payment" is deactivated.
Required payment: $25

--- Final 75% (plus shipping) when work is completed ---
Charge: 75%
Checkbox "Additional cost are required for payment" is activated.
Required payment: $75 + $5 = $80

Please note that these configurations do not affect any calculation. They will only shown in the layout table item Charge.