TOTALS 3 - Frequently Asked Questions

What is TOTALS?

TOTALS is a full-featured invoice application for SOHO or business users. It has been designed from scratch to use the power and beauty of the Mac OS, while making life as easy as possible for its users.

What is TOTALS not?

TOTALS is not a full featured complex merchandise software and a full featured bookkeeping software.

Who can use TOTALS?

Among photographers, art designers, web designers, consultants, teachers, musicians, e-commerce shops, doctors, programmers, freelancers, agencies and many other branches, TOTALS is ideal for everyone who wants to write invoices easily.

What about Lumina?

We want to make Lumina a better tool that works in companion with Totals like a built-it module. We kindly ask for some more time to finish our work.

How does TOTALS 3 affect existing TOTALS 2 users?

TOTALS 3 is packed full of new and important features and is a recommended update for all owners of previous versions users.

TOTALS 3 does NOT modify TOTALS 2 files. You will have to import TOTALS 2 files to TOTALS 3. Your TOTALS 2 database will remain safe.

Spanish, Japanese and French translations will be available soon.

Is TOTALS 3 a free update?

Upgrades are free for buyers ordering TOTALS after May 31h, 2014. All previous owners wishing to use 3.x can use our upgrade form.

I have purchased TOTALS but not received a retailed box yet?

We don't ship TOTALS in a retailed box. Please download the trial version and request a serial number in order to use it.

How can I register the software?

You can go to our web store and purchase a serial number. The serial number will be listed in the receipt. Then open the registration window in Totals. Go to Menu bar > Totals > Registration... and enter your registration name and serial number in the registration window.

What are the limitations of the free trial version?

There is absolutely no limitation. After 15 trial days it will run in read only more and will not save new changes into the database. Everything saved before will not be deleted.

The free trial download IS the full version. There is no magic behind the order process. You just buy a serial number in order to use the application after 15 days trial.

The are no locked features which will be unlocked after you register the software.

Is TOTALS compatible with Invoice 3?

No. Invoice 3 and Totals 2 are not compatible.

How can I import my data from Invoice 3 or TOTALS 1?

Invoice and TOTALS 1 databases are not compatible with TOTALS 3. It is recommended to start a new database.