About the CSV Import Dialog

The CSV import dialog contains a table with two columns

CSV Value display a CSV row at once. Each row in the table shows a column in the CSV file. By using the Navigation Buttons at the bottom the this column, you can navigate through the rows of the CSV file.

Application Field contains the associations between each CSV column and an application fields. Totals will recognize CSV columns automatically if the header equals to the header when you export the fields in Totals. Click the arrows to display the pop-up menu with all applicable fields.

** Red fields** are required fields. The Import button will not be enabled as long as there exist not assigned required fields.

** Gray fields** indicates required fields which are not required anymore. For example: Price and Gross Price and required to import items. However, selecting one of them make the other field useless or just not required anymore.

** Black fields** are optional fields.

If the first row in the CSV file is a header row, you should activate the checkbox Skip first row.