About Document Types

Totals manages two kinds of document types.

  1. Standalone Documents: Documents with line items
  2. Attachable Documents: Documents without line items

Attachable Documents can only live with the existence of a parent document of type Standalone Document. A good example for an attachable document is reminders. You will never create reminders without an existing invoice. They live only in the reference documents of a standalone document.

To define your own document types

  1. Open Preferences. Click the Preferences button in the toolbar.
    A new window sheet will open.
  2. Click Documents in the sheet toolbar.
  3. Click the plus (+) button at the bottom of the document types list.
    A pop-up menu will open.
  4. Choose Standalone Document Types or Attachable Document Type to create a new document accordingly.
  5. Select the newly added document type in the left document types list.
  6. Enter a document label for the document type into the text field next to the label Document Label:.

The new document type will now be available in

  • The main menu File > New Document > ...
  • The toolbar button New Document
  • In the Process as.. menu item. (Only for standalone documents)
  • In Preferences > Nr. Formatter