About Attachable Document Types

Attachable Document is one of the two document types defined in Totals.

An attachment document type, Reminder, will be created for you when you create a new database.

To create an attached document

  1. Select a standalone document (like invoice, estimate, etc.).
  2. Select the Documents tab in the right pane.
  3. Click Add Attached Document.
    A menu will popup.
  4. Select an attachable document type. Initially there is only the Reminder type but you can also create your own types.
  5. A new document will be attached to the selected document.

The PDF View will show the new document. At the bottom of the PDF view is a button panel with the following buttons.

  • Save as..: Exports the document as a PDF file to your file system.
  • Email: Prepares an email with attachment and opens it in a mail application.
  • Print: Open the print dialog to print the displayed document.
  • Layout pop-up menu: Changes the layout for the current displayed document.