Appshelf wins hands down. Equals any other app in terms of functionality, it looks good and it is the right price. The best home software license manager on OS X, no arguments.


The defacto standard for Mac license management

  • Easy interface
  • Email scan for serials
    (Drag emails from to the attachments table.)
  • Enhanced data migration
  • Categorized applications
  • Multiple databases
    (Hold the option key on startup like with iPhoto, iTunes, etc.)

Do you have purchased applications in the last several months or even years ago and have today no idea what the serial number was?

Do you have to dig the registration info for a software, which you had purchased last year, in you email archive? Are you searching for the invoice or license file for a registered software?

Or do you just want to bundle all the "stuff" related to the software which you have purchased from an online store?

Appshelf is exactly what you need

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Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later

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Older Releases

The last release of AppShelf
v1 is 1.6